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Obligatory Public Community Post [04 Jul 2006|08:19pm]

Mod note: reposting this as the old mod is long gone, and people were responding to the old entry Welcome! :)

This is a community for people who have had visitations in dreams from actual people, incubi/sucubi, and other spirits.

To join, please submit your request, and email me at sol.et.luna(at)gmail(dot)com with your reasons for wanting to join.

1) Postings here will be friends only in order to protect people's personal information.
2) Flaming or trolling is not tolerated.
3) Please do not harass people for "proof" of their experiences.
4) Please keep an open mind, and if you can't, please do not harass or insult others if you are uncertain as to the validity of their claims.
5) Please do NOT share people's personal information outside of this group. What is posted here, stays here.

Instructions for posting:
Posting an entry here that only members can see is done the same way as you would post friends only posts to your livejournal.

When you post, select the community from the drop-down list beneath the comments, then select security level "friends." This will ensure that posts to the community will remain in the community. You don't have to take any other action in order to make this happen.

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